The smallest Pasio series is a completely new design. The revolutionary design concept contributes to efficient workflows of the table balancing machines and offers a host of advantages to the users: It provides easy access to the workspace, the measuring device, and all other important control elements. Its optimized Human-Machine-Interface ensures error-free operation and fast set-up while taking up a minimum amount of space. The compact Pasios feature an excellent measurement accuracy, which ultimately saves you time and money, since a single measurement run and correction step is enough in most cases to ensure that the rotor is within the tolerance.

Sustainable and modern - The new Pasio table balancing machines

The Pasio 5 series – The ideal balancing machine for small and miniature rotors

The Pasio 5 series is always the right solution when balancing small and very small rotors. The three models in the PASIO series cover the weight range from a few grams up to a rotor weight of 5 kg. The spectrum ranges from miniature motors or dental drill turbines weighing only a few grams to blowers and electric-motor armatures down to spindles with a maximum weight of 5 kg.

Depending on the model, different drive concepts and rotor supports are used. In the smallest version, displacement measurement is used due to greater accuracy. In the two larger versions, force-measurement is used. Our measuring devices support both measurement methods perfectly to ensure that you will achieve the best balancing result in these weight classes as well.

Precise, convincing technology

  • Compact table balancing machine 
  • Servomotor with digital speed selection and monitoring
  • Self-diagnosis for quick fault detection and rectification
  • IoT-ready to provide access to the digital Schenck world
  • Quick and error-free machine setup with the integrated linear laser
  • Easy to adjust and easy to handle laser scanning head for precise angle positions 
  • Exact and quick unbalance correction thanks to automatic angle positioning
  • Reliable balancing of magnetized rotors such as permanent magnet rotors via an non-magnetic drive
  • Variable drive technology for different weight ranges
  • Permanent calibration of Pasio 5SC and Pasio 05SC for easy and quick balancing
  • Maximum precision thanks to displacement measurement in the Pasio 005SC

Typical rotors in the class up to 5 kg are small to medium-size electric motors, spindles, blowers, and turbines. The machine has a force-measuring design. This is why the measurement run can be started immediately after supporting the rotor without the need for a calibration run. The rotors are driven by the universal belt drive.

Technical data


Pasio 5sc

Pasio 05sc

Pasio 005sc

Rotor dimensions
Maximum rotor weight5 kg0.5 kg50 g
Maximum rotor diameter:150 mm60 mm30 mm
Journal distance240 mm65 mm45 mm
Journal diameter5-22 mm1-10 mm1-6 mm
Journal diameter (optional)21-40 mm  
Machine data
Dimensions (see drawing) 
Total weight 135 kg 
Network connection 230V AC, 50Hz 
Belt drive, tangential, from below, with flat belt¹
Belt drive, tangential, from below, with round cord belt¹
Drive power100 W  
Automatic indexing included
Minimum achievable residual unbalance MARU²0.15 gmm/kg0.02 gmm/kg0.01 gmm/kg
2-color paint finish RAL 9003 (signal white)
RAL 7016 (anthracite gray)

1) Can be converted to overslung belt drive
2) Minimum achievable residual unbalance per plane




Measuring devices
CAB 920
CAB 820

Test rotor with test weights of 500 g, 60 g, 6.3 g    
Protective cover as per DIN ISO 21940-23 (protection from flying parts) 
External interfaces for printer and network 
Laser printer for reporting 
Graduation scanning as reference and angle position sensor 
Software functions:

  • Correction calculation
  • User support
  • Data management