Universal, precise, digital.

The horizontal balancing machines in the Pasio series

Pasio 5/05/005

The new Pasio table balancing machine

Pasio 15

The golden mean for balancing

Pasio 50

The universal talent among the balancing machines

Pasio 100/300/700

World class for a wide range of rotor sizes and types


The all-rounder among the horizontal balancing machines

Each of the individual Pasio models cover a practical rotor weight range. Cylindrical rotors with their own journals are typical: They range from miniature motors weighing a few grams in a Pasio 005, blowers or electric-motor armatures in a Pasio 5, down to heavy crankshafts or cylinders in a Pasio 50 or the entire range of applications with rotor weights up to 700 kg with the Pasio 700 . Disk-type rotors such as blowers or grinding wheels can be supported and balanced easily and quickly with an intermediate shaft.

Schenck ONE – Digital Solutions. Real Value.

Digitization made easy

For more than a century, we have been supporting our customers with their balancing process in a wide variety of disciplines. Our measurement software, which we are constantly improving, has been the heart of every Schenck machine. With Schenck ONE, we are now opening an entirely new world to you: by allowing you to analyze and optimize the entire balancing process, increase the efficiency of global collaboration, and avoid machine downtimes, while preventing you from making any mistakes when balancing the rotor – thanks to our outstanding user guidance. Since our new generation of software runs on both the machine and in the browser, access to data and procedures is possible at any time, and from anywhere. Related process steps, previously carried out manually, can now be performed transparently and automatically. And thanks to our user-friendly interface, complex balancing procedures can be more easily designed than ever – cost-efficiently and with consistently high quality.

International service for global production reliability

Regular service performed at predefined intervals by our customer service team protects your plant or system from unexpected failures, faults, or downtime caused by wear.


In emergencies, our 24-hour hotline with guaranteed response time ensures the highest possible availability of your system. Our global service team, with over 200 technicians, supports you on site around the world and can procure any necessary spare part in the shortest possible time.

The heart of this service pledge: our Service+ app – your direct line to the Schenck Service Helpdesk.

The Service+ app enables fast identification and resolution of errors and faults, since your service requests can be created quickly and easily. Moreover, the Schenck ONE software solution also gives you an overview of the maintenance status of your Pasio machines at all times and you can contact us directly with just a few clicks.


Communication meets measurement technology

Schenck ONE combines highly accurate measurement software with supporting software solutions that comprise a continually growing range of functions that you can access with your browser. As a result, you have all of your data and processes at a glance and can operate with maximum efficiency.


Your employees can collaborate, share data, and set up the machine from any location in the world, while it is being used by the operator. The Pasio 50 series offers all this and much more as standard features.

True Partnership – from planning to operation

At Schenck, problem-solving expertise is both ecologically and economically sustainable. Our portfolio of products, systems, and selected services ensure maximum energy efficiency and productivity over the entire lifecycle of your plant or system.


We have experts who know your industry from the inside out, including all the standards and requirements. Focused on your products, services and your target groups, our collaboration therefore frequently begins with application consulting and training.


With Schenck, high system and plant availability stays reliable and predictable over the long term. In the spirit of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), we support you with aftersales solutions – from proactive maintenance agreements (PMAs) and optimization audits, to spare parts supply and retrofits, express repairs and deliveries as well as specific modernization measures, right through to the Schenck Helpdesk, which makes live support via smartphone and tablet just a tap away.