Modern and established under one bonnet.

The Pasio 50 is the second generation of our large Pasio series. It is designed for rotors up to 50 kg with a maximum rotor diameter of 600 mm (23.6 inch) and a length of 1,000 mm (39.4 inch). It covers a wide range of rotors that are frequently encountered in production plants and repair facilities. Sophisticated mechanics and perfect measuring technology permit residual unbalances of less than 0.5 gmm (0.02 ginch) per plane and therefore a very high unbalance reduction ratio of 95 %.


The future under control

Benefit from the freedom of easy operation

Easy also means safe and efficient operation of the entire machine. For example, the protection cap can be opened and closed with complete ease. The new swivel bracket belt drive can be adjusted in just a few steps and, thanks to short distances, it is also easy and safe to operate. The non-magnetic drive can also be used to exactly balance magnetic rotors (option). Linear guides and measuring tapes for für uncomplicated and precise setting-up. Balancing becomes even easier with the optional accessories. The combination with the intuitive handling of the measuring devices results in an ergonomical, well though out overall operating concept.

Cutting-edge technology for perfect balancing

  • Mature mechanics and perfect measuring technology enable residual unbalance of 0.5 gmm, 0.02 ginch per plane.
  • Automatic indexing for easy and perfect angle determination (option).
  • Easy to integrate into existing customer networks.
  • Comfortable protection cap as per DIN ISO 21940-23, Class C (with large window).
  • Two-handed control when the protection cover is open for indexing into the next correction position.
  • High availability thanks to modern, individual service concepts.
  • Large selection of options for special requirements.

Balancing of cylindrical or disc-shaped rotors

Typically, cylindrical rotors with their own bearing journals such as crankshafts, electric armatures, rollers or disc-shaped rotors with auxiliary shafts such as fans or grinding wheels.


Prepared for the future!

  • Easy integration into existing production control systems.
  • Impoved design concept offering simpler and safer operation and ergonomic handling.
  • Operator guidance offering optimized balancing process.


Technical data

Maximum rotor weight50 kg
Maximum rotor diameter:600 mm
Journal diameter9 - 36 mm
Distance between bearing centers50 - 1,000 mm
Minimum achievable residual unbalance0.5 gmm per plane
Dimensions(see drawing)
Total weight1,100 kg
Network connection400V ± 10%, 3 Phases, 50 / 60 Hz
Drive power1.1 kW
Protective coveras per DIN ISO 21940-23 Class C (Protection from flying parts)
2-color paint finishRAL 9003 (signal white)
RAL 7016 (anthracite grey)

Automatic indexing in correction position
Support roller inserts for journal diameters from 63 to 100 mm
Hold-down bearing with roller
Belt drive made from non-magnetic material
Underslung belt drive - pneumatically clamped
Test rotor
Work light (LED)

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