PASIO 5 The precision technology will amaze you

Variable and versatile

Whether for small or very small rotors, the Pasio 5 is your flexible partner in the workshop and laboratory, in the repair field or in small-series production. This is made possible by the flexible drive technology for very small rotors, the belt drive is replaced by an elastic drive belt. The maximum mass sensitivity is achieved by the use of prism bearings. By slight adjustment of the laser scanning head, you can achieve an even more accurate angle position a simple stroke in a contrasting colour is often adequate for a reliable measurement. The Pasio 5 enables accurate and fast unbalance correction due to the automatic angle positioning to the correction points. It is particularly suitable for magnetised electric armatures, since the non-magnetic material of the machine prevents undesired reciprocal effects which produce falsified measurement results.

Or to put it another way: if a label just 1/4 of
the size of a postage stamp is applied
to a 30 kg rotor at a radius of about 100 mm,
the PASIO will still be able to detect its position and
weight – although this corresponds to only one
millionth of the mass of the rotor.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable setup of the rotor
  • Clear display of the measurement planes
  • Maximum measurement accuracy
  • Flexible drive technology