PASIO 5 – with intuitive operation

Perfectly balanced rotors – easily and quickly

The Pasio 5 is the perfect balance of high-tech and easy user guidance. In addition to the space-saving and robust design, the Pasio 5 meets the very latest technical and ergonomic demands, thereby making it the perfect tool for efficiency and processed reliability in your business. Thanks to the adjustable inclination angle of the screen, glare-free working is possible in every lighting situation. A protective cover is also available as an option for rotors with sharp-edged surfaces.

With the built-in line laser, the machine can be quickly and accurately set up for your rotor. All measured values are stored, making them available for use again at a later time. The measuring units are also an integral component of the new operating philosophy: thanks to the dialogue guidance with clear-text balancing instructions, EasyMode and touch screen operation in the CAB 920, balancing becomes a matter of child’s play.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Easy and reliable operation with Easy Mode
  • Ergonomic arrangement of the operating elements
  • Optional protective cover
  • CAB 920 with touch-screen operation