Technical data

Rotor dimensions Roller bearing insert Prism insert
Maximum rotor weight 5 kg 1 kg
Maximum rotor diameter 150 mm  
Journal spacing 240 mm  
Journal diameter 5-22 mm 2-22 mm
Journal diameter optional 21-40 mm  
Machine data    
Dimensions (see drawing)  
Overall weight 135kg  
Power supply 230V AC, 50Hz  
Belt drive Tangential from below with flat belt(1) Tangential from below with round belt
Drive performance 100 W  
Automatic indexing included  
Smallest achievable residual unbalance(2) 0,1 gmm/kg  
  Maximum value CAB 700 0,3 gmm 0,2 gmm
  Maximalwert CAB 920 0,15 gmm 0,1 gmm
2-colour painting RAL 7035 (light grey), RAL 7024 (graphite grey)
  CAB 700 with numeric display
  CAB 920 with vectormeter display and industrial PC with touch screen
  Protective cover to ISO 7475 Class C (protection against ejected parts)
  Test rotor (500 g) with test weights
  External interfaces for printer and network (CAB 920)
  Laser printer for reporting
  Graduation scanning as reference and angle position sensor
  Software functions for measuring units CAB 700 and CAB 920:
  – Correction calculation
– Operator support
– Data management

(1) Convertible to overhead tangential belt drive
(2) Smallest achievable residual unbalance per plane